Cargill – Nepal 2018

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About This Project

This was a volunteer placement at the Deeya Shree School in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Week two at the school, we did an extension to the playground steps near completed, the roof replaced on the stairwell, playground holes filled with soil from a new rubbish hole and few plumbing and electrical repairs/additions. The road/housing development on the adjoining land has left walls and holes in the playground. We decided to at least fill the hotel to allow ball games to continue with less chance of injuries. We also provided 6 new tarps for the children to use for outdoor lessons in the sun, instead of sitting on the dirt. A soccer field was also designed and prepared for a competition during the week.

The third week I was painting the school and completing other repairs around the school (unblocked drains, fixed broken bamboo and water leaks).